Sunday, 7 September 2014

My first encounter with Ubuntu... The pros and cons.

So by now most of you know that I have recently embarked on a quest for knowledge. So far I'v been doing really well in my Pathways program at university and the reality of entering my computer science coarse next year is looming. I  have decided I need to start some "self learning" I want to learn more about how computers work and after asking around, my techy friends have suggested Linux! I went online and downloaded Ubuntu 14.04 its a free legitimate operating system (OS), after installing a duel boot with windows 7 on my uni laptop I instantly encounter problems.. Now don't get me wrong I'v been using Ubuntu for 2 weeks now and I'm absolutely loving it! This is NOT a I hate Linux article in any way! The main problem I have come across is that my Nvidia graphics card doesn't like the OS, so I went  to and found a work around. It took a while to understand what the forums were talking about but I eventually got to the point where I could open the CLI (Command line interface) and install some new graphics drivers, selected the right one and off I went. I started checking the inbuilt app store for ways of improving the systems GUI (graphical user interface) and found the command lines to download and install a new task bar, some nice desktop backgrounds and my microphone. This whole process was really fun and a massive learning curve. I'm not going to go out and recommend Ubuntu or any Linux distribution as a replacement for windows just yet. As I have only a rudimentary understanding of complex computer use I have found fixing some of the problems I have had with Ubuntu a small challenge but nothing I cant achieve, others may not have either the self-efficacy or the patience as I did. Over all if you have no serous compatibility issues Ubuntu 14.04 is an extremely easy to use nice looking OS, and after the initial learning curve, could quite easily be the stand alone OS for any user! It comes with its own built in form of MS office which is completely compatible with MS office interchangeably. what I mean buy this is if you want to wright a word document in Linux you can, using Libre a free of charge no trial period no catch office solution, then you can upload it to your cloud and open it up on your windows system in MS office. Ubuntu comes with all sorts of free extras and if its not built in you'll have no problem finding what you need on the app store. I would how ever recommend this OS to any user looking to increase there computer knowledge, script righting, or there OS knowledge base. Using the CLI is hard at first but once you get the hang of it and find the right places to get proper script commands from it becomes really fun. At the end of the day Linux is one of the most stable OS's on the market and have little to no virus issues. More then 90% of the worlds super computers use some form of Linux even Android is a distribution of Linux, and if I'm not mistaken Twitter, Facebook, and even YouTube are all run on Linux bases servers and if you have ever used Steam as a gaming platform you are using another form of Linux. The new Steam OS is a distribution of Linux specifically designed for a Gaming console platform. over all I am really happy with my new OS and am going to continue using it. if u want to learn how to install Ubuntu and use it I'm going to start a playlist on my YouTube channel to help others get involved with what is in my opinion a really great OS.
Keep calm and SUDO on!! peace..

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